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Okay, you caught me…I cheated…sorta… /br /It was one of those days for me. Remember when I briefly mentioned that I hate food? Well, today, I forgot to eat. Yes. I do that /br /It started at 5AM. Yup! That is when my little boy must have had a nightmare and woke me up. I went in there, took care of him, and went back to bed. Then at 6AM, I heard another cry. Went in there comforted him, then went back to bed. At 7:25AM he was up for good and since it was time to get everyone going for school we were all up. I packed lunches, school bags, fed everyonenbsp;i{including me}nbsp;/ibreakfast and got everyone out the /br /By 9AM everyone was dropped off to their perspective schools and I wearily climbed back into bed and slept like I hadn’t slept…well since 5 in the morning. By the time I woke up, it was carpool time for pre-school and I forgot to eat lunch. During naptime I worked on some things on the computer and realized I was getting hungry, but it was close to dinnertime. I quickly grabbed some pita chips and hummus and I felt /br /I have been prepping for an event this weekend and I needed to run out and get some items. My husband told me not to worry about feeding the kids, he’d take care of it and I was out the door. It was halfway through my errands that I realized how hungry I /br /The funny thing about me not eating is that there are times I can handle it and other times it’s like my blood sugar drops so low that if I don’t eat I will get sick. I started to get light headed and realized that I needed to stop and get some food or else I was going to pay for /br /I got myself some Subway. I paid $4.23 from my fun money from last monthnbsp;i{my mom wants me to stop using the word “blow” money because she’s afraid people might think I’m talking about something else}/ /br /My daughter eyed me suspiciously and said, “So mom, does this mean…”br /”That I cheated. Yes.” I finished for her. “But that doesn’t mean that we’re done with the no spend month.”br /”Awwww…I want this month to be over!” she /br /Using this example as a teaching opportunity, I mentioned how not spending anything probably makes her realize how much wenbsp;ibdonbsp;/b/ispend on her in a given month. She nodded in agreement as I saw the surprise in her /br /I guess the quick runs to sonic for a slushy or McD’s for ice cream get missed when we don’t do it anymore. The $4.23 I cheated with may pay off dividends with the lesson my daughter learned from /br /a href=”” target=”_blank”img alt=”Anna” border=”0″ src=”” //a