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thank-you-textWords cannot express how thankful I am for having taken Financial Peace University!

As I mentioned in my January 1st post, we were anticipating my husband losing his job.  He stopped working in March and the checks stopped arriving in May.  Now it is almost August and I am so thankful that we completely got ourselves out of consumer debt and dumped the HELOC!  Having all that debt (which was approximately $80,000) would have taken away all the opportunities that have been happening this summer.

Opportunity #1 My husband started his own company.

It is scary to start a brand-new company.  It would be even more scary if we had to take on debt to do it.  Because we know that a debt-free company is more desirable, we are slowly building something that will not be a burden in the future.  Plus, when you have a goal to be debt free, you look for other ways to bring in cash.  For example, my husband found a grant program and applied for it.  If he wins the grant, he will be able to move forward faster.  If he does not, that is okay, too.  Fortunately, we do not have debt so we will move at the speed we need to move!

Opportunity #2  Increased acting jobs.

I may have mentioned this on past posts, but my husband is an actor.  For the last seven years, he has had a few gigs that paid for our summer family vacations.  When he had a full time job, he had to turn down quite a few auditions.  When he stopped working, he had more time to audition for commercials shooting in the southeast.  The increase in auditions led to an increase in bookings! The income from acting has helped subsidize our income allowing him to work at the pace he needs for his business.

Opportunity #3 More family time.

This summer, the kids have had a blast having both mom and dad home.  If we had been in debt, we probably would not have been around because both my husband and I would have been working to make ends meet.

Financial Peace University taught us how to live like no one else so we could live like no one else.

The stress and panic that would have normally occurred with a job loss is not there.  The kids barely felt the transition from job to no job.  FPU can make quite an impact on your personal finances so when major events occur, you can handle them with a better mindset.

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