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Isagenix. Does it work?

I don’t know, yet, but I’m going to find out. I decided to signup for my personal trainer friend’s Fit Mom Challenge. They were offering free workouts, free support, free recipes, and free menus if you wanted to try Isagenix for the next 30 days. Seeing as I had been wanting to try these products, but knew I needed someone to walk me through it, I jumped at the opportunity.

The Background Story

In this blog, I have written about our debt free story. Truth is, once we became debt-free, I didn’t know what to write about. I’m not one to brag, so I wasn’t going to bring up all the things we are now able to do since we became debt free in 2011. So, this website has been sitting here, dormant. Sure I tried to post other things going on in my life, like the entrepreneurial steps that I’ve taken, but I need to keep track of my progress in this challenge. My reason for the challenge is that I need to figure out a solution for my extreme fatigue. I have spent years trying to find the root cause of my exhaustion. What I’ve discovered that I’m pretty healthy except that I have very low vitamin D (fixing that) and my gut doesn’t produce enough digestive enzymes. I’ve tried working out, changing my diet, eliminating gluten, paleo, etc. Nothing has worked. The gluten elimination has helped the day-long fatigue fog, but I still have to take a nap every day to function. I had been hearing that some people experience more energy after they’ve tried Isagenix, so I’m willing to try it too.

Important note: I am not an Isagenix reseller, distributor, or whatever they are called. I’m a customer who is hopeful, but skeptical.

Day 1

The challenge starts this Friday, but I decided to start yesterday because I have a busy weekend and didn’t want to have negative effects due to a diet change. Yesterday I felt pretty crappy. I had the Ionix drink, then my morning shake and accelerator supplement. I then took a nap. 🙂 See, it doesn’t work on the first day. After I dragged myself out of bed, I made myself some coffee and had a couple of the “snack” wafers. (Those, by the way, are not good.) At noon, I had my lunch shake. I drank water all day long…. It’s a good thing I was home because I was going to the bathroom a lot! I’m sure drinking lots of water was the main culprit since I tend to forget to actually drink enough fluid. So my body was not used to the influx of liquid. For my afternoon snack, I had an IsaDelight (I think that’s the name) chocolate and another accelerator supplement and more water. I got really hungry around 3-4. I ended up having carrots and hummus and then made myself a chicken, pepper, sweet potato bowl of food. I had two bowls full and more water. I think I had another chocolate and a couple more wafers.

I’ll be completely honest, I was really hungry and I felt like crap.

Here is my mistake. I need to eat more food for snacks. My personal trainer friend told me that she wanted me to eat more since my goal is energy, but I hate making myself food so I didn’t do it. Lesson learned. I need to up my protein and veggies and eat them during the in between times. Day 1 was completed…the journey continues…