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Over that last few months I have been trying to find a protein shake that I would enjoy. It has been very frustrating mixing ingredients together only to discover that the combination was not good. My husband buys a specific protein shake that I absolutely think is disgusting. I was losing hope.

Finally, I made the perfect protein shake that I actually like. I decided to throw a bunch of ingredients in the blender and got an amazing result!



Dump all ingredients into blender. Blend. Pour over ice.

Protein Shake

I originally added honey, but realized that it made it too sweet. Today, I made it again but eliminated the honey and used a frozen banana. The result? A nice thick milkshake! {Cut up and freeze bananas that are about to go bad!}

I highly recommend the Sun Warrior protein powder. I had heard about it on another blog, but never thought about looking for it until a friend of mine started using it. She likes the vanilla because it’s less gritty. I will admit the chocolate is gritty if you just add it to water. It’s also not very flavorful. It is a great mix to add to almond milk or some other liquid that has more substance than water. I might try adding it to my iced coffee tomorrow to see if it gives a mocha flavor.

What is your favorite protein drink?