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I wish I could blame all my headaches on caffeine withdrawal. I would LOVE to blame my aching joints on all the workouts that I’ve been diligently completing. But I can’t.

Because I am not having caffeine withdrawal and I definitely have NOT been working out. I have been under the weather for two reasons: 1) The weather is being fickle going from warm, no-jacket-necessary to what-the?!? My body does not adjust well to sudden temperature changes…apparently. 2) I went to the chiropractor today with a massive headache only to discover that my hips were out of alignment as well as my back, my neck, and my jaw. I felt a lot better when I could walk without shooting pain in my lower back. {Note to mothers of daughters-cheerleading stunts DO have repercussion in adult years-avoid at all cost}


The highlight of my bone-adjusting visit is that somehow my co-pay is now only $4 and I have a credit from overpayment! I will be visiting them tomorrow and maybe asking for a therapeutic massage!

Tonight we went to Doc Greens for dinner. We had never been there and it had tons of healthy, fresh food options. I got a California Panini sandwich, chips, and water. My daughter shared her make your own salad with me so I rocked healthy tonight.

I have figured out that not having readily available snacks is becoming a problem. I went on Pinterest and found a great Snack Basket idea that I am going to try to implement.

Now I’ve just got to get motivated to go to the grocery store and find snacks that we all like. Are there any healthy snacks you like to have on hand? Please give me suggestions!