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Do any of you remember what life was like before computers?  It was a much simpler time.  School work was done in long-hand (that means written in your own handwriting for you younger folk), research was done in the library (with books called Encyclopedias), and your finances were done with the register in a checkbook and the phone!

Ah, yes, the good old days…

But were they?  Now it’s soooooo much easier to research, write, and figure out your budget with the help of the computer.  That is until you don’t have one.

That has been my saga in the last month.  I came back from my vacation to a computer that decided it needed a vacation as well.  I fought and fought with it to access the things I needed online.  We purchased a new router and then even switched our internet service from DSL to Cable Modem.  It seemed to like the new set-up…for a bit.

Then it went crazy on me.

I could download email, but forget looking up any information online. I was designing a web page for my high school reunion (psst…Falcons…buy your tickets!!!) and it took me twice as long because the programming refused to upload. I also couldn’t check my Facebook *gasp* for the life of me!

I finally surrendered.  My CPU headed to the Geek Squad. I told them I thought it was a faulty wireless card, but today they told me the processor was defective.  The what?  My computer needed a lobotomy…a new brain AND it would take two weeks to get it fixed.

Oh Boy…now what.

At this point you may be wondering how I am even writing this post with no computer.  Well, in reality we have a total of 5 computers (and that doesn’t include the old Gateway that is sitting on my bedroom floor because we still need to get the information off of it and dispose of it properly.)


Yup, you read that correctly.  My husband has two work computers and we have two laptops.  And although I have another computer to use in the interim (except for the fact that it shuts down for no reason whatsoever) I am missing the one that is gone.

It is the friend that has all my creative work and pictures of my life.  It holds the communications between me and my human friends and all the information to access them. It holds my calendar that keeps me on task and reminds me who goes where and when. And although it maintains parts of my life….I have to remember it is not my life.

A reminder that becomes clear when it’s gone…