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I have a very serious question to ask you fine folks.

How often do you get headaches?

Lately, I have been experiencing headaches quite frequently. I’ve been blaming the change in weather, pollen, over-scheduling, etc. I just assumed this was a part of changing weather, growing older, and adjusting to constant change. Sometimes I assumed it was sinus headaches since we’ve had drastic highs and lows in our temperatures.

Could it be a migraine?

Today, my husband wondered if my headaches are masquerading as low-grade migraines. These headaches don’t knock me out, but I do have to take tylenol, drink some caffeine and lie down to get rid of them. I know I am getting a migraine if the headaches last for 3 days straight. By the third day, if I haven’t knocked it out, I’m usually in the ER getting cocktail of drugs to free my head from the vise that has formed.

His question surprised me since neither he nor I ever thought of this prospect. I was also surprised when he told me that I get headaches more frequently than the average person.

Really?!? This isn’t normal?

My college roommate had headaches all.the.time. I’m pretty sure she has some strong drugs for it. Maybe she did have migraine issues. I never considered this to not be normal. I mean, I deal with it almost on a daily basis. I think I’ve gotten so used to headaches that they have become my norm.

Well this is a norm that is going to have to change.
Anyone else out there who has chronic headaches? If so, what did you do?