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The 31 Days of Nothing Unhealthy is complete! I made my goal to work out during the month and have seen quite a bit of change. had a 30 day challenge which was awesome!! Okay, it really sucked the first week because it was hard, but I made myself do it.

The last week was a little more difficult because my littlest man came down with a horrendous upper respiratory infection. I have been so busy with taking care of him that I haven’t had a chance to let you know about Christie’s February challenge!

It is called 29 Days of Love. She just posted a great list of ideas on how you can tangibly express love during this month. I am so stunned at all the ideas! I’m so glad I can look at her list because I am a dunce when it comes to creativity. Just look at her blog design. Awesome!

I will be participating in the challenge, but I’ve got some financial posts on the brain. So you may see some posts about Love and Taxes. Wait…what?!? 

You also haven’t seen me around because {aside from taxes} I have been working on my hubby’s WordPress blog design. He launched it in the midst of the last challenge. Talk about a client who puts on the pressure! {Love you, Babe!} If you are interesting in the acting arena, his blog gives advice in how to get into acting and not get ripped off! Acting Career Info

Well, that is my quick update post. Show your love in the next 17 days and get ready for taxes. See… love and taxes!