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I am one of those people who has a TON of ideas, but then when I try to sit down and follow through with them, they leave my brain. I really need to start writing things down! {Now if I could only find a pen that works and paper that isn’t drawn on, I’d be all set!}

Update on our debt free journey. We’ve been in limbo with paying down the HELOC. You can read what baby step we are on in this post. For a few months we were able to put an extra $1000 into our payment. I realized that since my husband gets paid bi-weekly rather than bi-monthly we have a few months were there is a little extra income. Lately, we’ve been using anything extra for expected expenses like our auto insurance and HOA fees.

The family computer. We had to break down and get a family computer that the kids could use. My computer is up in my bedroom so I could not monitor the kids when they were on it. I would usually get on it and find any work I had opened shut down and lost. {grrrr….} Now we have one in our living room where the kids can do their homework and I can peek in on what they are doing.The bonus of paying with cash is that we saved the money and paid for the computer outright. No interest, no payments!

Our 2011 taxes are complete! We are getting a refund this year. I know it’s best to not let the government use your money interest free, but I really like getting some money back! We’ve tried adjusting our taxes so that we would have more money in the month and less at tax time, but we can’t seem to get it right. That will be something we work on this year.

Learning new things. For many years I designed websites. This year I decided to learn how to build apps for the iPad. It’s a little intimidating to say the least. I am a self taught programmer so learning something new takes me longer than a normal programmer. It is also more difficult when I have a toddler saying, “I pway on the ‘puder” whenever I try to sit down and figure it out.

There are a few other developments that have happened like getting rid of cable…finally! I’ll tell you all about that experience and what we did in a later post.


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