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Have you ever read the book, StrengthsFinderstrengthsfinder

If you haven’t, you should stop now, click on the image and get it! The book comes with an online test that will help you discover your strengths.  Knowing these will either make you say, “AHA! That is why I do such-and-such” OR it will help you figure out what fits you in the business world. Once you know your strengths, you can read the list of ideas for your career, goals, and/or purpose in life.

My top strength is LEARNER.

Not a shocker there! When I found out I was a learner, I was in the midst of getting my Masters degree.  Yes, I am the nerd who loves to learn. After I had my diploma in my hand, my thought was, “Now what??”  I happened to have a direct sales business, so I started to learn from those who were successful in it.  Something was holding me back. Did I really want to have a business that was not fully mine, that was dependent on other people’s decisions?


As I watched some of these sales ladies they kept referring to their mentor, Chalene Johnson. After watching a few of her scopes, I ordered her Virtual Business Academy.  As I continued learning from her, she mentioned someone named Nicole Walters, the “ScOprah” of Periscope.  I immediately went to her scopes and found that she was going to be my new VBFF (virtual best friend forever). Every scope she did had a gold nugget that I could use in a business…but what business?

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I talked with my husband about the scopes.  I had to, he kept walking in while I was watching either Chalene or Nicole and would say, “She’s on AGAIN??”

I knew my strength was learning,  I thrive when I feel like I am growing as a person, so these women were the perfect match for my need to learn!

Enter 1K1Day

After several weeks of watching, I realized that Nicole knows how to get COIN! I had ordered her really inexpensive Amazon Affiliates training from her Monetize Thyself website. Although I knew about having an Amazon Store, I was not using it to it’s fullest potential! Once I got that, I knew I needed to get into her 1K1Day class (which she only opens once or twice a year!)

**UPDATE: The class opened TODAY 12/15/16!  Get in now!!

Go to 1K1DAY and register ASAP.  I was skeptical that I wouldn’t make any money, but I have recouped my investment by applying her teachings. She’s the real deal, y’all. AND she is one of the only people that is hands on during and after her course! **

I got in and now I have a community of entrepreneurs who want to help each other grow and succeed in their business.  Currently, I am working on revamping my husband’s website Acting Career Info while setting up an umbrella business website called Herring Creative.  Wow! So much to do and it is only the 4th of January!

Good thing Learner is my top strength! I just wish I could be like Neo from the Matrix and just download the knowledge. Maybe someday! 😉