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There…I said it!  I just cannot wrap my brain around the coupon game.  For some reason it seems to take me a looooong time to get a list and coupons together.  I do e-mealz, but there are weeks that I just don’t like the menu.  That makes it even more difficult to shop with coupons.

I have tried to do a menu on my own, but then I find we get into a rut of having the same foods over and over.  Then there is the fact that we run out of things around the time that they are not on sale. I know…I know…buy in bulk when it’s on sale.  Frankly this is not easy for me to do.  How can I buy in bulk and still get the necessities without going over my budget?  It’s almost as if you need an investment to start bulking up before you see the savings.  Hmmmm….I know there is a way.  My analytical mind can sense it, but it just has not figured it out.

Back to my list….