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IMG_8750Can you build a business without going into debt?

It can be done.  I have heard that people do it all the time.  The problem for me is that I only discover them when they are already making 1000’s of dollars a month.  In fact, Dave Ramsey talks about doing this in his book EntreLeadership.  He made millions, lost millions, and then decided to build millions without going into debt.  It can be done.

But can I do it?

The doubter in my head keeps telling me “no.”  In fact, that is probably why I have had a difficult time figuring out the “how.”  I have had this blog for over four years now and I do not make any money on it at all.  There are others who have blogs and figured out how to support their families with it.  I have had several hundred followers at one point, but had no idea how to turn it into a business.

So I quit.

I stopped blogging completely.  The original purpose of the blog was to keep us on track to get out of debt.  We did that, but then I had no idea what to write about next.  There was no “next goal” and I did not want to post about our debt-free vacations or how we were able to purchase cars with cash.  That seemed like bragging…so I stopped writing and pursued my Master’s degree. Now that that is over, I something else to pursue.

What’s the goal?

I am currently helping my husband build his brand and I am going to start posting the good, the bad, and the really ugly.  Because lets face it…building anything takes work and it can get ugly. I have already started following several pros and am in the process of taking some courses that will get me in the business-building mindset.

Puzzles are hard.

Have you ever tried to put together a 1000 piece puzzle without the big picture? I have had all the pieces to this virtual business puzzle, but did not know where to start.  The picture is becoming a lot clearer and I have already had a lot of “aha” moments.  I’ll get into what I am studying and who I am following in another post. This post is my declaration of what I am doing and it will keep me accountable.  Why? Because whenever I write that I am going to do something, I make sure I do it because otherwise I will mentally beat myself up over not doing anything.

You are welcome to join me on the journey if you want to see what happens.