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I haven’t been around much, yet you have probably seen things going on with this blog. I am in the midst of updating and creating a few new WordPress sites for some clients and I tend to use my own blog as a test site. That is why you are seeing a Pinterest-like layout.

On all the sites I create, I find myself using a lot of the same plug-ins or websites, so I thought I’d pass on my three favorite sites to you!

Graphic Designer I am not!

I am first to tell all my clients that I cannot draw for the life of me. If a client wants a special logo or design I point them to This is where someone can find out if there is an image already created for their website. I usually take that image and then add text using Photoshop to create a logo or header for a site. If my client knows what they want their logo to look like it makes things a bit easier for me.

If you have an idea of what you would like and can’t find any inspiration there, you can always find a local graphic designer. My warning, graphic designers are not cheap! But they are worth the money you invest in them if you find a good one.

Comments are Golden

Bloggers need comments! That is how you build your audience. If a blogger interacts with their commentors, they are likely to return to see what else you write. A plugin called CommentLuv is AWESOME!! You can find it for free, but if you get the CommentLuv Premium, it opens a world of linking for your visitors. For example, if you comment on any of my posts, you can leave a link of your most recent posts. I have discovered many new blogs just by clicking on your comments! Didn’t know I was checking you out, did ya! 😉

WordPress Framework

There are a lot of themes for WordPress, but the one I use is The Thesis Theme for WordPress. It is a perfect fit for me and my programming skills. I am able to design a website to a client’s personal taste using css and php. If you have no idea what those two things are, no worries, you can use the menu to choose your color, columns and upload your own logo. Plus, they have an awesome guide and a forum where you can ask questions!

Well, there you have it. Three of the top sites I look to when I start working on a website. Soon, I’ll let you know what plug-ins I use on many of my sites. It’s a great list to turn to when you don’t know which ones to choose!

How did you build your blog?