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Amazon Prime Day is July 12, 2016

Have you heard about Amazon Prime Day? If you shop the internet or Amazon, you know what I’m talking about (tomorrow is also Chick-Fil-A day…but I digress). It is a day that Amazon rolls out amazing deals on selected items for those who have Amazon Prime, but it is worth it?

As a person who LOVES deals and shopping on Amazon, this is a phenomenal idea! Last year the types of products they discounted were things I would never have purchased. In fact, I have seen several on my social media channels of people mocking the upcoming prime day:

Oh good. Tomorrow is Amazon Day… I’ve been wanting 12 pairs of slipper socks and a plastic banjo.

I wasn’t the only one who thought that Prime Day last year was a bust. However, this year may be different because there are several retailers that are offering promotions and specials to compete with the hoopla that Amazon is creating.  I have noticed that the prime members have early access items like the Fire HD tablet or a Drone with Camera so the items are not shabby so far. It will be interesting what deals they offer on Prime Day.

Should you get a Prime Membership?

Here’s the deal. I was in grad school from 2013-2015. In 2014, I discovered that I could get a student discount to save 50% on a prime membership (if you can do this…DO IT!!). I jumped on that deal! We love shopping Amazon but hated the shipping costs and I have saved a TON buying through Amazon and saving on shipping. I can buy my nephews’ their Christmas and birthday presents and ship it to them for free. When I didn’t have Prime Membership, I would either trudge out to a store purchase, wrap, and ship gifts. Shopping online I would purchase the gifts and a few other items, ship them to myself, take out the gifts and ship to my family. If I didn’t preplan, I would ship it to them grumbling about the shipping costs!

My Amazon Prime membership gives me access to movies and TV shows that I cannot find on Hulu or Netflix. Recently, I discovered the 3rd season of Mr. Selfridge and was able to watch it for free since it was included in my membership. I also have accessed a ton of free books which is a bonus for this bookworm.

Is right for you? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I ship items out-of-state to others often?
  • Do I shop online often enough to use the free shipping feature?
  • Are there movies, shows, books that I want to access?

If you can say yes to any of these and/or have enough people in your family that would justify the cost, I would recommend trying it for 30 Days to see how you like it. If it is just you in your household, it probably wouldn’t be worth the $99/year. Get it for the trial period to see if you can save money on the items and shipping for Prime Day.

Prime Day may not be worth it, but a prime membership might be something to try!

If not neither interest you, Chick-Fil-A is having their cow appreciation day where you dress up as a cow and get a free meal.  Clearly, July 12, 2016, is a special day!

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