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I know, the new year hasn’t even started, but I need mental preparation for this next challenge. Christie over at Bushel and a Peck has a biggie and boy do I need it. It’s the 31 Days of Nothing {Unhealthy}

I will admit, I have over-done it in the cookie/sweets department during Christmas. I baked platters full of cookies and had to test everything! It was sooo good! Then my mom had petit fours and cream puffs and pies…oh my! I had a hard time turning those goodies down! By Monday, I was starting to feel the effects of my gluttony. {I could have sworn I put on the 10 pounds I had lost over the summer.} I started feeling extra tired, unmotivated, and blah.

January is the challenge where I will eat healthier and start exercising. *gag* I’m not in this for the weight loss, but for my general health. I have been suffering from chronic fatigue for a long while and last year I was determined to figure out the problem. Part of my discovery was a sleep study where I found that I do not have a long REM stage. That is the time where a person gets the deep sleep recovery that is needed. Basically, I have been lacking deep sleep for the last 10 years. {And it’s not just because I have kids!}

 I know that if I exercise I will have an easier time falling asleep {I suffer from insomnia as well}. I also know that eventually I will like to exercise if I can just get started. I also know I will want to eat healthier when I do exercise.

This challenge is going to call me out if I don’t exercise. I’m not saying I’m going to go to a gym everyday of the month, but I have to at least get active at some point in my day.

What I should do is start P90X (an exercise plan on DVD), but when I tried it a year ago, I discovered that finding an hour and a half everyday without interruption was almost impossible. We’ll see. I have four more days to figure it out. EEEK…FOUR MORE DAYS! Quick hand me a Poptart!