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Is November almost over already?!? It is amazing how fast time goes the older I get. I have to admit that this challenge was a bit…ummm…challenging. It wasn’t challenging in the actual “doing” of the challenge, but the recording of the challenge was not easy. {One or two posts a week…did you notice? I did.}

There were life things that came up and put a wrench in my journey. Kids got sick, emergencies came up, travel and Thanksgiving. Even though life tries to interrupt good intentions, I still found ways to give and say thanks.

Little ways of giving and saying thanks included gifts here and there; food for a sick neighbor; giving my time to help friends and family. Over the years I have tried to incorporate giving and thanks into my life so that eventually it would come naturally. It has been difficult to keep track of everything because I am learning to do it without thinking.

What would have been more challenging is to be giving and thankful to those who reject it. {Eeeeeeek!}. It is easy to give to those that you know would truly appreciate it, but a LOT more difficult to those who don’t. It’s a little disheartening when you try to reach out and all you get is a figurative slap in the face.

Yup…been there…done that…gave up. Sad, but true. Kinda got tired of being the punching bag, ya know?

Could I have done better? Absolutely. I can always try harder. That is the beauty of a challenge. You can do the best you can and then improve along the way. Just because November is ending doesn’t mean I’m done with giving and thanks. Heck no! It just puts it to the forefront as another characteristic to improve upon.

Now onto December’s challenge 31 Days of Goodwill.

Christie sure is brilliant coming up with these challenges! If you want to join the journey, jump on in. Everyone is welcome. I’ve already have one day lined up for me and my daughter to work together with our church that will help our community. Can’t wait to share that one! OH yeah, I have my Black Friday story coming soon too!