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Here’s the scoop. I was tracking my Isagenix journey in April until I ran into a huge obstacle.

I injured my back which caused me to halt my workouts, but I continued on my Isagenix.

The result after 30-days of not working out, but being on the 30-day system was a 6 lbs weight loss and 6 inches gone! Because I am on it to primarily for nutrition, I’m okay with this. I didn’t try it to lose a huge amount of weight, I tried it to increase my nutrition and gain some energy.

Nutrition and Energy Result

Let’s talk about my nutrition backstory. I have had gut issues for a long time. I removed gluten from my diet to see if that helped the fatigue that I have had for the last decade. It did help, but when I was tested, I discovered the flora in my gut was dismal. Basically, when food digests, my body has a hard time breaking down the food and using the nutrients properly. I tried the protocol that a nutritionist gave me, but to sustain all the different supplements was tedious and expensive. So I stopped.

Slowly and subconsciously, I started eating less food and tried avoiding anything that would upset my stomach. In the process, my abdomen bloated and I felt more tired. Basically, my body thought I was starving myself so it retained whatever fat was being stored. I needed an easy way to get nutrients into my body without having my gut work hard to process the food. Isagenix definitely helped with having two shakes a day! Now I am getting the superfoods that my body needs and I’ve noticed a HUGE difference with my gut. The other day, I accidentally had some gluten and although my stomach bloated, I did not have any severe pain.

My energy level. I’m going to be completely honest, here, I’m still working on this. Although I haven’t been able to workout, I recently decided to try working on my cardio. My goal is to be able to run a mile without stopping. People have raved about the energy they feel after starting Isagenix, but I only feel a slight difference. It could be that my body is trying to catch up with years of lack of nutrition. I did find my energy increase over the summer, but that could be due to a better sleep schedule since I did not have to wake up so early for school activities. Isagenix just introduced a few more flavors for their e+ shots, so test them out.

Overall, it doesn’t hurt to try out Isagenix. My mother, who suffers from fibromyalgia, has seen a huge result just from using the shakes, greens, and Ionix drink. Granted, she has bigger issues than I do, so any improvement is more noticeable for her.

From August 10-20 you can sign up and if you order $150 in products your membership fee is free!

When I signed up to be a customer, I used this offer and it allowed me to get the 25% discount on products. Doesn’t hurt to try it out, right? That’s what I did and it has really supplemented my nutrition!