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Isagenix Day 2 is almost over.

Today was a bit better for me. I got up and drank my Ionix drink (not liking it yet) and then my shake and supplement. Then I took a nap. Sound familiar? Of course, it does because I took a nap yesterday, too. My whole reason for trying this is to not be so exhausted in the morning.

At snack time, I had a chocolate and my iced coffee. However, I can’t put my normal whipped cream and caramel on it so it was a bit eh. I also had a piece of gluten-free toast. I decided I would start my workouts today and it’s leg day. Ugghh!! Not my favorite day because I’ll be walking like a grandma for the next 3-4 days. I spent an hour inputting my workout in my Body app and looking up the exercises to make sure I knew how to do them.

After that was done, I tried the strawberry shake (!) I knew I needed to get to the gym ASAP after my shake because if I have very low blood pressure if I work out on an empty stomach, life will not go well for me. I had my water bottle and the AMPED hydrate (in orange). I could tell I was starting to get hungry, but a sip of that hydrate helped A LOT!!

Workout and More Food

I did legs for an hour and skipped the cardio because I needed to get home and eat. Working out my legs seems to increase my metabolism so I knew I better get some protein in me. I put some eggs on to boil, but I was getting hungry so I got out the hummus, some shredded chicken, and carrots. I mixed them all together and ate that until I could top it with a hard-boiled egg.

For dinner, I ate my concoction from last night of sweet potatoes, chicken, and peppers. That’s a great reheat meal, I’ve gotta post the recipe so I won’t lose it!

As I sit here, I am hungry, so I’m about to make some more goodies to eat. I wonder if I could have another shake?

Tomorrow is the cleanse/fasting day.

I don’t do so well on those, so I’ll listen to my body. I hope whatever I need to drink tastes good. I’ve heard that people start feeling better on the 3rd or 4th day. I have detoxed before so I know it takes about 3 days for the detox headache to go away. Fortunately, I haven’t experienced the caffeine headache because I can have coffee. Yay!